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    applying for GM :)


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    applying for GM :) Empty applying for GM :)

    Post  Aionafe on Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:44 pm

    Name: kier

    Age: 15

    Desired position: Event GM.. but ill go with Support GM

    Experiences with position: i've never been a GM before at any server.. but i got many experiences in the world of RO.

    if ever you'll allow me to be a Event GM ill be happy. i do guild events(sometimes, because its not that easy to get prices and im poor). whenever there are events i try to join them and see how it works.

    uhm.. if not.. i can be a Support GM(just like what you said). i will share what i know about RO to other players. you know im kind. i am ryt?.. Smile i will help players to have a direction and try to answer things that bother them.

    i may not be the best but that's who i am.

    What can I do for the server: ill try my very best to improve the server. and suggest good ideas that would make it better

    How active am I: im always online except for holidays or whenever i got things to do on that day.

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